We scrape DUNG off a horse’s FOOT ;) – The Unicorn Princess

Dan and Arin yet again discuss the possibility of seeing Cats together, although not as spiritedly as in previous episodes. At no point is a double date even discussed this time, and we all know that would have been really cute. In fact, Arin asks Dan if he’s already seen it, which means that their pact to see it together was not written in blood as I had previously assumed. As the window of time when Cats will be in theaters inches ever closer to a close, it seems likely they will drop the ball on this altogether… unless we can band together as a unified voice and demand that this Cats date take place. Maybe somebody out there can start a petition, or a Gofundme. If it doesn’t happen, I will be forced to get naked and run around screaming in the streets. Please pray for me.

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