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We give some lady ONE HUNDRED BEANS! – Bayala

In this episode, Arin again asks Dan if they can watch Cats (2019) together, and Dan says "yeah absolutely" really quickly and then moves onto the next topic, similar to the way you would answer your mom when she asks if you did your homework, when you really didn’t. It seems Dan is not really that invested in seeing Cats with Arin, and I’ve been doing some serious soul searching trying to figure out why. It’s causing me great agony and torment, and frankly causing my IBS to flare up, which is a whole thing in itself. One cannot be blamed for daydreaming about Arin and Dan leaving that theater together, grinning ear to ear as they skip down the sidewalk singing the Mr. Mistoffelees song in perfect harmony, and maybe stopping for frozen yogurt after. When you consider the fact that Dan is a huge furry and loves to boink people in animal costumes every day of his life, it really doesn’t make much sense, and you have to wonder if Dan even really is a furry, or if his name is even really Dan Avidan? It could be Fred Von Pretzels or even Barack O’Neil. There is no way to know and tbh I’m freaking out. I don’t even know what to do at this point.

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