8 WTF Consoles from the Last Decade – Up at Noon

It’s the year 2020 and that means we’re getting brand new video game consoles from Microsoft and Sony which will no doubt be two powerful, generation defining machines by two battle-tested video game companies that absolutely know what they’re doing by now. Both systems are all but guaranteed to be successful, and with the frequently rumored Switch Pro redesign possibly on the way – the console wars are heating up all over again. But believe it or not, tons of weirder, smaller, lesser known consoles get released all the time – some by companies you’ve never heard of and others by some big ones that you definitely have. What do they all have in common besides not being very successful? Well, they’re all completely weird as hell. Here are 8 video game consoles that actually released in the last ten years that were so odd they made us say "wtf is that?"