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6 Ways Xbox One’s UI Is Improving

0:26 Better Layout
1:20 Customization
1:37 Improved Grouping
2:07 Managing Games
2:31 Improved Messages
2:48 Notification Locations

2020 is the year of Xbox Series X, but Microsoft isn’t forgetting the regular Xbox One just yet.

The latest dashboard update for the console has arrived–for testers at least–and it’s a big one. The Xbox One UI is notorious for being difficult to use, but this update improves things.

Update #2002–which makes me wonder if there have been 2001 updates before this–is now available for people in the Xbox Insider Alpha-Ring, and in this video we’re covering five new features that make the console look and perform even better. You can check out the full blog post on Microsoft’s website to see a rundown of everything new in the update, as it also includes improvements for Mixer and data-storage.

Overall, this new Xbox One dashboard is a welcome improvement on what has historically been a difficult-to-use platform. It still takes more than a few button presses to get where you want to go and see what you want to see, but I like the strides Microsoft has made here. Not only does the update give the Xbox One a facelift, it feels like the dashboard is snappier and more responsive, which means that while you still need a bunch of button presses to get where you’re going, it moves along faster.

This update is expected to roll out for everyone in February, so be on the lookout for these features soon.