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Byleth Joins The Smash Bros. Ultimate Roster and Disintegration Gets A Beta

On this week’s episode of GameSpot After Dark we are joined by IGN’s Zach Ryan to talk about the Disintegration Beta, Thronebreaker’s surprise release on Nintendo Switch, Apex Legends’ bait and switch, and Byleth in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Jordan’s Apex Legends article we reference in this episode:

00:00:32 – Intro
00:02:03 – Chris From Dayton, Ohio Segment
00:06:34 – What We’ve Been Playing
00:16:46 – Byleth Impressions
00:42:55 – Disintegration Beta Impressions
00:56:40 – Thronebreaker Comes To Nintendo Switch
01:04:03 – Pokemon Home Breakdown
01:14:56 – Apex Legends Season 4 Assimilation Teasers
01:21:47 – Listener Questions
01:45:02 – Outro