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Escape From Tarkov’s 7 Deadly Sins

From the Military Base of Reserve to the underground Labs of Tarkov, there is no PMC, Scav, USEC or BEAR that is without one of these seven deadly sins.

Be they loot hoarders, Rouble scroungers of the bloodthirsty players who chase a fight.

Escape From Tarkov is a huge game and it is not afraid to throw you face first into its steep learning curve or punish you for your mistakes.

There are many choices and scenarios that can lead to an untimely death for any player, but much of the time these are a result of them succumbing to one of the 7 sins of Tarkov, be that of the bloodthirsty PMC, the lustful loot chaster, the gluttonous hoarder with an inventory fit to burst or the proud BEAR thinking they can take on the world with nothing but an AK and a vest.

In the video above Dave breaks down all of these sins, which we have no doubt even you dear reader, are guilty of.