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Apex Legends Revenant Tips – How To Best Play Season 4’s New Character

Season 4: Assimilation adds Revenant as a playable character to Apex Legends and the synthetic nightmare is a powerful offensive threat. Though his passive and tactical abilities are rather straightforward, Revenant’s ultimate ability is quite nuanced and comes with a bunch of small caveats.

In the video above, Jordan Ramée and Max Blumenthal discuss Revenant’s three abilities–Stalker, Silence, and Death Totem–before detailing the best strategies for when and how to use them. Revenant isn’t quite as game-changing of an addition to Apex Legends as Wattson, but if you manage to master his aggressive skillset, you’ll be able to help your one squad feel like two whenever you attack another team.

Revenant’s passive ability, Stalker, allows him to crouch-walk faster and climb higher than the other legends. His active ability, Silence, both damages and stuns enemies, and those caught in its blast radius will lose access to their own abilities for 10 seconds. Death Totem is Revenant’s ultimate ability, allowing him to summon an obelisk of dark energy that can prevent the deaths of those who interact with it.

Assimilation adds a lot more than just a new character to Apex Legends. The new season adds the Sentinel sniper rifle, several notable map changes to World’s Edge, a few character buffs, adjustments to how certain weapons work, a brand-new battle pass, and a whole lot more. Apex Legends isn’t quite the same game that first launched in February 2019, it’s changed in numerous ways over its first year.