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The Call of the Wild – How CGI Brought the Dog to Life

Harrison Ford and his co-stars Omar Sy and Cara Gee talk about working with actor and Cirque du Soleil performer Terry Notary, who played the dog Buck via motion-capture.

Adapted from the beloved literary classic, 20th Century Studios’ The Call of the Wild tells the story of Buck, a big-hearted dog whose blissful domestic life is turned upside down when he is suddenly uprooted from his California home and transplanted to the exotic wilds of the Canadian Yukon during the Gold Rush of the 1890s.

The Call of the Wild stars Harrison Ford, Omar Sy, Dan Stevens, Karen Gillan, and Bradley Whitford. Directed by Chris Sanders from a screenplay by Michael Green, based on the novel by Jack London, the film was produced by Erwin Stoff, p.g.a. and James Mangold, p.g.a., with Diana Pokorny and Ryan Stafford serving as executive producers.