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Animal Crossing, Dreams, And Last Of Us 2 Being Pulled From PAX | GameSpot After Dark #29

On this week’s GameSpot After Dark, we’re joined by Dave Klein from the GameSpot Universe team to talk about the incredible potential of Dreams, preserving retro games, and Sony pulling The Last Of Us Part II’s demo from PAX East. Kallie’s also played Animal Crossing: New Horizons, so we get granular about paving stones.

00:00:24 – Intro
00:00:57 – Chris From Dayton, Ohio 2.2
00:11:51 – What we’ve been playing/doing
00:40:53 – Sony pulling out of PAX East
00:47:40 – More NES/SNES Games for Nintendo Online
01:01:08 – Animal Crossing: New Horizons Impressions
01:14:05 – Listener Questions
01:24:17 – Outro