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7 Game Series That Need A Comeback

Let’s take a look back at some fan-favorite game series that are in dire need of a comeback!

As is all too common in the video game industry, franchises can fizzle out before fans have had their fill. Maybe the studio responsible for the series closed its doors or perhaps an unsuccessful entry killed hype for another sequel, but there are dozens of game franchises out there that are in desperate need of a comeback.

In the video above, Richie Bracamonte discusses the seven game series that GameSpot believes needs another entry. From one-offs like Bully to fan-favorite classics like Silent Hill, all of the franchises discussed ended far too soon and deserve another chance in the spotlight.

Which video game series do you want to see make a comeback? Do you hope that Dead Space 3’s cliffhanger of an ending is one day answered with Dead Space, or are you perhaps hoping that EA will see fit to finally release a Skate 4? We’d love to hear your thoughts–leave your answers in the comment section below.