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Who Is Persona 5’s Best Confidant?

So many confidants, so little time! We decide who deserves your love and adoration by way of a single-elimination tournament bracket. Here’s who you should spend time with and who you should leave on read. Persona 5 Scramble is out now in Japan on Nintendo Switch and PS4. Persona 5 Royal launches on March 31 for PS4.

With Persona 5 Royal on the way in the West and Persona 5 Scramble out in Japan, it’s a good time to be a fan of the iconic JRPG franchise. The Persona fans in the GameSpot offices wanted to revisit one of the best aspects of these games: the social simulation elements. So, we put together some cross-continental content between our Australia office (Ed and Jess) and US West office (Lucy and Michael) via Skype to debate and come to a consensus on who the best Confidant/character is in Persona 5 (the base version).

We set up our debate tournament-style with a bracket consisting of 16 characters who have optional Confidant routes. Those whose Confidant rank levels up automatically through story progression, such as Akechi or Morgana, were not included. Our discussions accounted for their story arcs, how they fit into the game’s themes, and their effect on the game as a whole. Early in the video we sort of reveal our favorite, then the fight for best boy and best girl of Persona 5 begins and that’s where the real fun happened.

We have plenty of coverage for Persona 5 as we approach the launch of Royal; you can check out our full in-depth P5R preview from a hands-on event, feature on how the Persona series has evolved through localization, and how P5R includes changes to a few controversial scenes. We also played the Persona 5 Scramble demo; you can watch our impressions of P5S, read a breakdown of its action combat, or read about how it has the best version of the dope battle theme Last Surprise.

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