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Breaking Down Xbox Series X Features – Next-Gen Console Watch

Welcome back to Next-gen Console Watch 2020, where we break down all the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X news and rumors. This week we dig into those newly announced Xbox Series X technical specs and features and wonder what happens if the PS5 isn’t as powerful as the Series X. We then compare the Series X power with PCs and take a look at the gamechanging new features Xbox unveiled: Quick Resume and Smart Delivery. How did we ever live without the former and will the latter become standard? Are gaming companies really willing to leave money on the table? Finally we take a look at the PS5’s biofeedback accessory and what that could be used for. Finally, we talk last’s week’s poll which asked the audience how much you’re willing to pay for a new console and have a new poll ready for you this week! Be sure to head on over to our ign dot com homepage and vote!