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Red Faction 2: Walkthrough – Hanging in the Hood [Mission 7] (Hard – Bonus) 4K UHD – 60FPS

Red Faction 2 Complete Walkthrough – Mission 7 (Hanging in the ‘Hood) in 4K UHD, at 60FPS on HARD MODE with ALL BONUS OBJECTIVES.
● RF2 playlist:
● Created by Volition, published by THQ Nordic.

Hard mode makes the entire game a lot harder than it is on either of the two other modes (which I found to be relatively indifferent from one another). That means that headshots will remove an entire healthbar, and you simply take a lot more damage overall. I can’t really tell if enemies act smarter, but I don’t think they utilise different strategies, simply because of the difficulty.

To fix all the numerous issues revolving around the resolution and aspect ratio when playing in 4K, visit this page:


– Whenever you use the N.I.C.W grenade fire mode., NGL-8 Nanotech Grenade Launcher, MKAP-97 or the W.A.S.P., be aware that you’ll very often sustain lots of damage when using nearby objects or small corridors (which will be the case in many levels, actually!). Whenever you’re in close-quarter areas, simply use the shotgun, pistols or rifles instead.

– A health-kit is best picked-up when you are at least one healthbar (or lower) down.

– Grenades have a very akward air trajectory, which is very arc-like, rather than in a horizontal line. Very often you’ll bump your grenades against the ceiling into objects and back to you, so beware. The sticky grenades do not have this problem as much.

– Headshots are lethal on you, but so are they on enemies. Aim for the head with rifles like the CAR-72 Military Assault Rifle or the N.I.C.W.


No particular bonus objectives are hard during mission 7, however the final bonus objective can sometime prove to be a pain when the few snipers across the buildings on the other side one-hit KO some of the bypassing Red Faction members before you can even kill them (happens rarely, but still). If that’s the case, restart this portion of the mission.

Also, the first bonus objective in the second part of this mission features a Red Faction member that has the Heavy Suppression Machine Gun. Ironically, if this member dies, you can STILL achieve the bonus objective and get his weapon early-on. To keep it ethical, however, keep all three alive. Instead, you can get the Heavy Suppression Machine Gun near the end of the third part.

Taken from this guide:

1) Help RF take intersection 01:12
2) Protect RF fighters in streets 02:30
3) Help Red Faction forces survive ambush 02:53
4) Kill four snipers 03:09
5) Kill eight snipers 04:00
6) Protect RF fighters in the street 05:08


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● Difficulty: Hard Mode
● Resolution: 3840×2160
● Aspect Ratio & FOV: 16:9 (90)
● Advanced Video settings: Maximum


– Win10 Home Edition [64-Bit]
– Intel Core i7 7820X @ 3.60GHz [Skylake-X 14nm Technology]
– NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti [4GB]
– 16,0GB Dual-Channel @ 1066MHz (cl14) [DDR4]
– Gigabyte X299 AORUS Ultra Gaming Pro
– Xilence Performance X [750W]
– AOC PQU2777B Monitor [3840×2160@60Hz]
– Samsung SSD 960 EVO [500GB]
– Samsung SSD 960 EVO [250GB]
– Western Digital WDC [3TB]
– ASUS BC-12D2HT [Blu-ray]

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