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10 Cute Animal Crossing New Horizons: Multiplayer and Museum Features

The Animal Crossing New Horizons museum has a few weeks of donations so its starting to fill out nicely. Look out for the cool, secret photo ops, like the blue spot in the dinosaur area of the fossil wing of the museum that also lets you see a wide view of your collection. There’s another photo spot on the bench in the insect wing (ha!). Photo controls allow you to zoom and force players to look at the camera. Several reactions are unlocked here, including Bashfulness, and Apologetic. In this four-player session you can note two things: One is that the leader (who can be anyone in the party) stays in the picture at all times, while others can be cut out — and then are warped into frame to follow the leader. The leader can give up leadership at any time by shaking the controller and then another person can volunteer to lead. Blathers accepts donations of more than one item, and one item type at a time now, drastically reducing the time is takes to donate. This isn’t in the video, but in the insect exhibit the ants have broken out and invaded the kitchen; and in the fossil exhibit, the evolutionary lineage of ancient creatures to villagers is drawn out as part of the exhibit.

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