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The Secret Ability That Changed Gaming Forever

In 1987 a secret move was uncovered at the arcades, and its impact is still being felt today. Join Kurt Indovina on his journey to discover its origins through fireball legend John Choi, commentator Stephen "Sajam" Lyon, and many more special guests in the first episode of Remember When.

The history of video games is replete with fascinating cultural events, captivating stories, and landmark moments. More often than not, each of these creates a ripple effect that redefines how we play, or reshapes what we play. Those with a keen interest in video games are no doubt familiar with the whos, whats, and whens of it all, given their historic significance, but the personal perspectives tied to them can be lost to time, if heard at all.

Remember When is a new GameSpot show about rediscovering those landmark moments in video games and exploring their histories, but also delving into the impact they had on the people that were there and experienced them.

The first episode is focused on the Hadouken, a secret move that has become fundamental to the design of games within the genre. Equally important, however, is how it galvanized a passionate gaming community that lives on today, stronger and more connected than ever.

The Hadouken became a cultural touchstone, and for the guests featured in the episode, had a hand in defining their real-lives in meaningful ways. Joining host Kurt Indovina are special guests John Choi, a legendary Street Fighter player known for his mastery of the fireball; commentator Sajam, who has witnessed the Hadouken’s evolution over the generations; and various members of the GameSpot and Giant Bomb team, who have in one way or another been profoundly impacted by Street Fighter and its most iconic special move.

Watch the premiere episode of Remember When above, and look out for new episodes on GameSpot’s YouTube channel.