Doom Eternal Nightmare Difficulty With No HUD Is Beautiful Madness

In a horrific, gory and violent way, Doom Eternal is a beautiful game. Of course, it can be difficult to really soak it in when you’re leaping around hellscapes tearing demons to pieces and filling them with bullets. So, to help encourage a little more sightseeing so we can properly appreciate the hellish aesthetics, we’ve done away with the HUD. And, to add a little extra challenge, we’re playing Nightmare mode. Why? Because we want to test our mettle and in the most metal game around.

But also because it’s an interesting and different way to play id Software’s latest shooter. And it turns out playing this way actually taught me a lot about the game. There are a lot of small touches I hadn’t noticed in my first run through but, without a HUD to rely on, they became crucial to keeping the Doom Slayer alive.

In the above video you can see me struggle against what is an extremely cinematic, but extremely punishing way to experience Doom Eternal.