Playing Dark Souls Using Ring Fit, and Games Contributing To Science | Good News Gaming Ep 2

This week on Good News Gaming, we take a look at how playing Borderlands 3 contributes to real world medical research, check out the best free games available now, as well as the best let’s play we’ve ever seen.

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RKG: (Big thank you to Christian and Weston Spiegelberg!)
Borderlands Science:
Dark Souls Ring Fit Mod:
Free games list (frequently updated!):
Jordan’s Kind Words article:
Joe Merrick Pokemon Community Raid Hour:
Hope From Home:
Justin Bieber’s pixelated house:
Justin Bieber’s pixelated house in-game:
Beat Saber TikTok:
Half-Life but the AI is Self-Aware:
Mother in Animal Crossing:
Star Wars Animal Crossing:
Persona 5 Royal/Animal Crossing mash up:

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