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6 Final Fantasy 7 Remake Combat Tips You Need To Know

Final Fantasy 7 Remake reinvents the combat systems of the 1997 original. Instead of a turn-based, menu-filled approach to fights, FF7 Remake goes the action-RPG route, allowing you to run around the battlefield, dodge blows, block incoming attacks, and unleash your own combos. But in addition to familiar hack-and-slash gameplay, the remake also mixes in elements of the original, allowing you to cast spells, give your teammates menu-based orders, or take direct control of other members of your party at any time.

The result is a combat system that’s a mix of twitch attacks and strategic planning, where each character has unique abilities and actions, and using your whole party together is the only way to be effective. FF7 Remake will throw some tough battles at you throughout the game, including some intense, multi-stage boss fights that will require all of your skills to make you through. We’ve compiled a series of tips to help you excel at Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s combat and claim victory against anything the game throws your way.

Check out the video above, which will help you use each character effectively, outfit your squad, and tackle any situation.