Making A Real Life RPG And KK Slider Covers | Good News Gaming

This week on Good News Gaming, we take a look at some of the incredible things people are doing from home while socially distancing themselves. A group of Halo Reach fans finally manage to land a trick jump that they’ve been working on for 10 whole years, and a group of friends make an IRL Diablo-style RPG for their friend, who had to cancel their bachelor party.

We’re still deep into Animal Crossing memes and this week we’re taking a look at the best KK Slider album covers out there, as well as learning about a cut feature from Fable. We also see NVIDIA’s impressive RTX Voice in action.

In this video:

VRStudio’s Beat Saber fail:
Termacious Trickocity’s Master Chief Statue success:
Realm Pictures’ IRL RPG:
NVIDIA RTX Voice in action:
RTX Voice setup guide:
Insert Coin Clothing:
Fable Fart Command story:
StealthGamerBR’s Dishonored 2 video:
KK Rumors:
KK Revolver:
KK Heroes:
KK Nevermind:
KK Van Houten:
Zelda Dungeon Animal Crossing:

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