Ballistic Baseball – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Tutorial (iOS)

Ballistic Baseball – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Tutorial (iOS)

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Put your baseball strategy to the test in live head-to-head matches where you’ll choose the perfect pitch to strike out opponents, or swing for the fences on your way to becoming a champion. Ballistic Baseball is a celebration of the Great American Pastime realized in a fun, larger-than-life art style.

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– Square off against real opponents in a real-time PvP baseball game!

– With just a tap, you can direct every pitch, using a wide selection of pitching styles.

– Step up to the plate and swing with easy-to-learn tap controls.

– Challenge friends to private player-versus-player matches anytime!

– Congratulate, amuse or taunt your opponents with fun animated emotes.


– Take your team all the way to the Big Leagues in a new Career mode!

– Each win gives you Training Points that can be spent to improve your players’ Power, Contact, Speed, Fielding or pitching attributes.

– Then take that team online to challenge your friends and the world!

– Unlock Bronze-, Silver- and Gold-tier players, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, to create a unique team.


– Strategically pick your pitchers, batting order and field positions to make quick work of each opponent that steps up to you in the ballpark.

– Earn XP for every achievement in your baseball games.

– Customize the look of your players with a range of bats, helmets, uniforms and more to make your team unique.


– Feel the anticipation as the batter gets ready to hit the ball and run, or as the catcher’s mitt edges closer to the runner sliding into home plate.

– Witness each amazing strikeout, close call, and home run that gets the entire ballpark cheering!

– Ballistic Baseball captures and amplifies these moments in a visually dramatic style .

Ready to play ball? Download Ballistic Baseball and begin your team’s rise to glory now!

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