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Real Fire Truck Driving Simulator 2020 – Best Android Gameplay

PART 2 – Real Fire Truck Driving Simulator 2020 – fire truck games – Android Gameplay

Fire Truck Games lovers! Get ready to become a real fireman. Keep the safe city. The best fire fighting game simulator of 2020.

• 5 amazing fire trucks
• Realistic 3D graphics
• Huge city
• Sirens, lights, horn, signals
• Exciting missions
• AI cars, traffic lights
• Different camera angles
• Steering wheel, arrows
• Realistic sound effects

When you playing Fire Truck Games, your truck will be your biggest vehicle to fulfill your mission while playing fire truck games. Therefore, your truck must be ready for emergencies and wait full of water. It is not as easy to pour water into your truck as you might think. You should carefully place your truck under the water tank and water hose and not exceed the maximum water level when filling. Otherwise, it is difficult to control your vehicle when it is on the road, and it can make the roads dangerous.

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