Please, Stop Turning Anime Into Arena Fighters

If like us you love anime, you’ll no doubt have thought about why video games do so little with the games based on them. This is especially true of the shonen genre, with franchises like Naruto, My Hero Academia, One Piece, and One Punch Man. Each of these properties presents fascinating worlds, charismatic characters, and interesting ideas that would work well as a game. And yet, in most cases, we keep getting boilerplate arena fighters.

In this video, Tamoor vents his frustrations with the state of anime and manga to video game adaptations, and remembers one particular example of it being done well. Why is he doing this? Because anime and manga deserve better, and he’s hoping that others out there might see the video and feel the same.

Admittedly, Dragon Ball FighterZ was an excellent recent example of an anime adaption done right, but it’s still buried under a pile of forgettable ones. Maybe if we complain loud enough someone will listen to our anguished cries for better anime games. Fingers crossed.