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We Turn Predator: Hunting Grounds’ Graphics Into One Ugly Motherf***er | Potato Mode

If Predator: Hunting Grounds’ graphics bleed, then we can kill it. On this week’s Potato Mode, Jean-Luc and Ben mess up things so bad the very ground disappears.

Predator: Hunting Grounds is a new asymmetric multiplayer game from the team behind Friday the 13th, and pits a team of soldiers against the ultimate movie hunter. But even an extraterrestrial trophy hunter can’t escape the scrutiny of Potato Mode, our video series that’s always after the biggest game.

In this edition, Ben and Jean-luc sit down to an old-fashioned multiplayer session, first showing the game as it’s meant to be seen, and then applying some mad science. The Nvidia Profile Inspector is used to tweak the graphics settings for some extremely un-optimized visuals. At first everything just gets shiny and smooth, but before long the Predator’s cloaking technology starts claiming large chunks of the ground.

Check out the video above to see all the horrifying results, and check out Potato Mode for more mad graphics science with the latest games.

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