Rick and Morty Season 5 Update and more with Chris Parnell

Clint Gage and Syndee Goodman from IGN sat down with Rick and Morty star Chris Parnell to watch IGN fan’s favorite Jerry-focused episode of Rick & Morty: Meeseeks and Destroy.

Meeseeks and Destroy is the fifth episode from Rick and Morty season 1, which aired on Adult Swim in January 2014. The episode features the introduction of the meeseeks, the constantly cloning characters dedicated to self-improvement, who constantly refer to themselves as “Mr. Meeseeks.” Watching the meeseeks try to teach Jerry how to better his golf game is one of the best moments on Rick and Morty, Meeseeks quotes like “Existence is pain to a Meeseeks” are some of the most quotable and funny moments to ever air on cartoon network.

Throughout this Chris Parnell interview, he gave plenty of insights on how he gets into character, the Rick and Morty theory that Jerry Smith is the real villain of the show, and what he thinks are the best of Rick and Morty clips. (spoiler alert: it’s not Pickle Rick or Evil Morty)

But the former SNL (Saturday Night Live) cast member also gave us some updates on Rick and Morty season 5. Chris Parnell, who’s also the voice of Cyril on the FX show Archer, dashed our hopes that Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon would be delivering new episodes any time soon, but it’s good to know they are coming.

Luckily, we still have a few more episodes left in Rick and Morty season 4 to hold us over until we can see what Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith will be up to in season 5.

If you’d like, here’ a link to check out the whole watch from home theater episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VX5Ietp52VE