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Tony Hawk Remastered and Leeroy Jenkins’s Birthday | Good News Gaming

This week on Good News Gaming, we celebrate the remaster of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater games with the greatest TikTok of al time. We also realise that time is a flat circle because the legendary Leeroy Jenkins meme turned 15 this week.

There’s also a cool new way to look at Red Dead Redemption 2, thanks to a new camera perspective, and we become obsessed with a YouTube channel that makes gaming dioramas out of polymer clay.

There’s also a follow-up to the DragonForce at 165% speed video from a couple of weeks back: the band’s guitarist Herman Li tries it himself. For more wholesome and funny things from the world of gaming, make sure to watch Good News Gaming every Friday here on GameSpot. If you have a story you think should be featured, leave it in the comments below, and it could end up in a future video.