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Revenge of the Sith Watch Party w/ Ashley Eckstein & Cameron Monaghan – WFH Theater

We’re watching Revenge of the Sith with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order star Cameron Monaghan and Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Ashley Eckstein, joining IGN hosts Clint Gage and Max Scoville! The final film in the Star Wars prequel trilogy turns 15 on Tuesday, and its age has only increased your love of it; an IGN user poll conducted in January saw our fans rank Revenge of the Sith as your #2 favorite Star Wars movie.

While IGN won’t be able to show the full movies in the live stream watch-along, we will be showing select clips throughout the live Q&A with our special guests. If you want the full WFH Theater experience, sync up the full movies on your devices and watch with us when we press "play" together! Both Revenge of the Sith and The Empire Strikes back are available to stream exclusively on Disney+. If you’re not already signed up, Disney+ is offering a 14-day free trial:

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