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Microsoft’s Secret Weapon For Next-Gen Is Xbox Game Pass

2020 is a huge year for gaming, with Microsoft and Sony both releasing next-generation consoles. After coming in second to PlayStation in the current-generation, Microsoft is hoping to start this generation off on a stronger foot.

Whether or not Microsoft is successful in the next generation may even be more dependent on the Xbox Game Pass service than sales of Xbox Series X consoles, Eddie Makuch argues in a new video.

In the full video, Eddie speaks about how selling a lot of consoles is good, but the real money in games comes from software and services–and this is where Game Pass comes in. The full video covers how Game Pass could become the Netflix of Games, while it also touches on some of the issues and uncertainties related to Microsoft’s strategy.

Would Microsoft have pursued such a bold strategy had the roles been reversed and it was Xbox that came out on top this generation? We can never know, but it certainly feels like a watershed moment for gaming–and that’s something to be excited about at the start of a new console generation.