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2 MUST-SEE Inspiring Animal Crossing Islands

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a gigantic success, and it keeps on surprising and impressing us. In a new GameSpot video, Persia tours even more Animal Crossing islands to show you what people are creating with the Nintendo Switch game.

The video spotlights the islands created by Outerloop Games studio head Eka’s island, "Pork Belly," and artist Elise’s island, which is called "Valinor." In the videos, Eka and Elise speak to Persia about the inspiration behind their creations and share a number of interesting insights.

Be sure to watch through the full videos to see everything there is to see–it’s impressive to see how unique and creative people can be with their creations.

Keep checking back with GameSpot for lots more on Animal Crossing!

Pork Belly Island by Eka
Twitter/YouTube: @Ekanaut

Valinor island By Elise
Twitter/Instagram: @TwoGhoulsPress

Part 1: