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IGN Expo Debut | Summer of Gaming 2020

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Welcome to IGN’s Summer of Gaming! Today we’re debuting the IGN Expo, a showcase of exclusive trailers, gameplay and more including featuring games likes Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Mortal Shell.
Later on our live stream, we’ll talk to David Hayter, the voice of the iconic Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid. Stay tuned for more exciting video game reveals during Summer of Gaming 2020!

Pre-Show Charity Stream (11:45am PT):
Doom Eternal Speedrunner Countdown Challenge by Xamide

IGN Expo Debut (1.45pm PT):
Exclusive Reveals, Trailers, Gameplay Demos, Developer Interviews, Hands-On Impressions
Unannounced Classic Revival (Merge Games) – Exclusive Game Reveal
Unannounced Game (Fabraz) – Exclusive Game Reveal
Unannounced Game (Funcom / The Outsiders) – Exclusive Unannounced Gameplay Reveal with The Outsiders’ David Goldfarb
Unannounced Games (Arcade1Up) – Exclusive Arcade and Pinball Machine Reveals and Interview

Beyond Blue (E-Line Media) – Exclusive Trailer Reveal
Chivalry 2 (Torn Banner Studios and Tripwire Presents) – Exclusive Announcement and Trailer Reveal
Dual Universe (Novaquark) – Exclusive Trailer Reveal
Pathfinder: Kingmaker (Deep Silver) – Exclusive Trailer Reveal
Voidtrain (Nearga) – Exclusive Trailer Reveal
Wasteland 3 (Deep Silver) – World Exclusive Trailer
Werewolf: The Apocalypse (Nacon) – Earthblood Exclusive Cinematic Trailer

GTFO (10 Chambers Collective) – Exclusive Gameplay
Mortal Shell (Cold Symmetry) – Exclusive Gameplay World Premiere
Observer: System Redux (Bloober Team) – Exclusive Next-Gen Deep Dive
Second Extinction (Systemic Reaction) – Exclusive Gameplay World Premiere
Yakuza: Like a Dragon (SEGA) – Exclusive Gameplay and Interview

Borderlands 3 (Gearbox) – Exclusive “Bounty of Blood” DLC Preview w/ Gearbox Creative Director Matt Cox
The Waylanders (Gato Studio) – Exclusive Trailer and Launch Date Announcement, and Hands-On Impressions

Check Out This Game! With Tom Marks:
Rustler (Grand Theft Horse), Jutsu Games, Games Operators – Exclusive Gameplay
The Riftbreaker, EXOR Studios – Exclusive Gameplay
Bravery Network Online, Gloam – Exclusive Gameplay

Special Icons Interview:
David Hayter, the original voice of Solid Snake, discusses Metal Gear.

Thanks for checking out IGN’s Summer of Gaming! Be sure to stay tuned to SoG as our team shares hands-on demos, gameplay previews (including Xbox Series X gameplay and PS5 gameplay), developer interviews, and publisher presentations- and it’s all happening in live broadcasts on IGN, IGN YouTube, and IGN’s social feeds! Throughout June, IGN’s Summer of Gaming will be showcasing Xbox news, PS5 news, and new games! 2020, we all know is the start of the next console generation, so make sure to continue to check out Summer of Gaming for news about upcoming games, 2020 titles releasing for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, and more discussions around this year’s hottest gaming news.

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