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Accessibility In The Last Of Us Part 2 w/ Steve Saylor | GameSpot After Dark #48

This week on GameSpot After Dark we welcome Steve Saylor, aka Blind Gamer, to chat about the accessibility in The Last Of Us Part II. Jake’s also not here which means we get to talk about anime!

Go check out Steve’s YouTube channel, Blind Gamer

0:00 – Intro
1:11 – The Chris From Dayton, Ohio Segment
12:57 – Death Note (What We’ve Been Watching)
16:28 – SinoAlice (What We’ve Been Playing)
21:35 – Death Stranding On PC (What We’ve Been Playing)
27:42 – Hyper Scape (What We’ve Been Playing)
32:41 – The Matrix (What We’ve Been Watching)
33:58 – Destiny 2 (What We’ve Been Playing)
37:10 – Animal Crossing (What We’ve Been Playing)
42:04 – Sailor Moon (What We’ve Been Watching)
46:12 – Crysis Remastered Delayed
50:08 – Accessibility In The Last Of Us Part II
1:33:07 – Listener Questions
1:49:13 – Outro