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PS5 & Xbox Series X Games May Cost $70 | Save State

We may have to pay more for next-gen games, Capcom doesn’t want you to call Resident Evil Village “Resident Evil 8”, and Ubisoft reveals its battle royale, Hyper Scape.

In today’s Save State, $60 has been the standard US game price for a long time now, but that might change with next-gen consoles. The first instance of this is NBA 2K21: it’s the regular $60 on PS4 & Xbox One, but $70 on PS5 & Xbox Series X.

Despite the Resident Evil Village trailer highlighting the "VILL" in "village" to make the roman numeral 8, Capcom doesn’t want us to call it Resident Evil 8. Officially, the name is just Resident Evil Village. And in battle royale news, Ubisoft officially revealed a new BR called Hyper Scape, after it was teased earlier this week.

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