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Rocket Arena – World of Crater Trailer | PS4

From Gemstone Jungle to Boom City, Crater is filled with exotic locales. Take a tour through all the vibrant maps you’ll be blasting through when Rocket Arena launches on July 14!

Crater is exploding with opportunities to explore! Set sail through the clouds on the Golden Zephyr. Search for adventure in the Temples of Jaaqua. Just be careful — you may find more than you bargained for. Take a dip in the Shimmering Depths, get wild in the Wilds and go paleontological in Stompy’s refuge. And that’s just the start! There are so many rocket-nooks and rocket-crannies to explore. The experienced tourist knows to study up for any big trip to another world. So watch the trailer, visit our website and map out what destinations you’ll hit first. And stay tuned, there are plenty more maps to come, in Season 1 and beyond.
Happy travels!

Pre-order now on PlayStation 4:

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