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Next FF 7 Remake Game Releasing ASAP | Save State

On today’s Save State, Persia talks about new info from Final Fantasy 7 Remake team and its plans to release the next installment as soon as possible. A new clip revealed by Nickmercs teases the next season of Call Of Duty, and rumors that Game Pass will be available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 are clarified.

Persia talks about a recent Famitsu interview with key developers behind the FInal Fantasy 7 Remake. The developers stated that the next installment of the remake is already in full production and they are aiming to reach a higher quality. Although this is a remake, this is viewed to be a "new" Final Fantasy 7 and will have certain changes that reflect that such as adjustments to Madam M’s message scenes and not showing the AVALANCHE Hideout to further develop Cloud’s character among the group. More story details and spoilers can be viewed on

Persia also talks about the Season 5 teaser for Call Of Duty revealed by streamer Nickmercs. The clip showcases a train in an area similar to the Warzone train yard with a helicopter flying overhead. The date of August 5th is displayed on the screen which is the final day of the current battle pass but may also indicate the launch of another event.

Persia also talks about a recent statement from Phil Spencer clarifying any rumors of Game Pass coming to the Switch or the PS4. Game Pass will only be available on platforms that offer the full Xbox Live experience which includes things likes friends, achievements, and more. Competitor platforms likely have no interest in having the "full Xbox experience" on their hardware which shuts down any possibilities of the rumors being true.

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This is your Save State for Tuesday, July 21st.