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Every Item From Pascal’s Mermaid Set In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Along with Gullivarrr, Pascal has also joined Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the first of two summer updates. In this video, we show off the entire mermaid set that you can get from Pascal when you give him scallops that you find when deep seas diving. All of Pascal’s mermaid furniture will come in the form of a DIY recipe that can be crafted with shells that you find on your beach and pearls that you find at the bottom of the sea. Beside the furniture, Pascal will also give you two types of mermaid dresses, shoes, and a tiara. You will even have a chance of getting a pearl from Pascal, too. Pascal will show up on your island at least once a day when you catch a scallop from the ocean. He doesn’t always arrive on the first scallop of the day, so don’t stop diving until you see him! Below is the full list of mermaid items and if you comment your favorite, you could win all of the furniture in the mermaid set!

All Mermaid DIY Recipes
Mermaid bed
Mermaid rug
Mermaid lamp
Mermaid sofa
Mermaid wall
Mermaid chair
Mermaid shelf
Mermaid table
Mermaid closet
Mermaid screen
Mermaid vanity
Mermaid dresser
Mermaid flooring
Mermaid wall clock
All Mermaid Clothing
Mermaid tiara
Mermaid fishy dress (two colors)
Mermaid princess dress (two colors)
Mermaid shoes (two colors)

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