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Boss Rush Mode Coming To Sekiro | Save State

In this video, Persia talks about a new update coming this October to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The update includes a variety of things like a new video clip sharing system, new costumes for Wolf, and two boss-related modes. Reflection of Strength allows you to fight past foes without replaying the story by visiting Sculptor’s Idols, and Gauntlet of Strength is a boss rush mode that only gives you one life.

Persia also goes over this morning’s Avengers War Table livestream, which showcased the upcoming beta. The beta will have four playable characters, HARM challenge rooms, and Warzone and Drop Zone missions, all of which you can play solo or with friends. HARM Challenge Rooms have increasingly difficult waves of enemies, Warzones are repeatable missions that can last from 10 minutes to 2 hours, and Drop Zones are more quick encounters. Hawkeye was officially announced as part of the game’s post-launch roster, and more characters are on the way in future updates.

On the topic of new characters, Valorant announced Killjoy after recent leaks. Killjoy’s abilities vary from stealth mines, to mini turrets, to an Alarmbot that functions much like Raze’s bot. Her ultimate ability creates a dome around a designated area that detains any enemies within its radius.

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This is your Save State for Wednesday, July 29th.

00:18 – Sekiro Is Getting A Boss Rush Mode
01:04 – Here’s What’s Included In The Avengers Beta
02:10 – Valorant’s New Character Is Killjoy