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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Rated In Korea | Save State

Mass Effect Legendary Edition has been rated in Korea, adding fuel to the rumor that the beloved trilogy could be remastered. Modern Warfare PC players can now free up space by uninstalling unwanted game modes, and a new PS4 update preps for PS5 Remote Play.

A new listing for Mass Effect Legendary Edition on a Korean rating website has hinted that remasters may be coming. Legendary Edition is the rumored name for the remastered trilogy, but the rating doesn’t list any details about the game.

Modern Warfare PC players are now able to uninstall unwanted game modes to free up space on their hard drives. Digital PS4 players have been able to do this for some time, and the feature is now available on PC, which is just as well, with the game’s size reaching 200GB with everything installed.

There’s a new PS4 firmware update that helps prep for PS5 Remote Play. Update 8.00 adds the option to connect the Remote Play app on mobile and PC to PlayStation 5 ahead of its launch on November 12. The update also adds new avatars and has more closely linked party chat and message groups.

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