9 Biggest PS5 UI Changes

The PlayStation 5’s UI has finally been revealed. Let’s take a look at the nine biggest changes we saw, including the Control Center, Activity Cards, and capturing screenshots.

Sony has finally unveiled one of the last remaining pieces of the PlayStation 5 puzzle and with it given us a clearer picture of what gaming will be like on its upcoming new console. The platform holder dropped a video showcasing the PS5’s user interface and it’s a drastic change from what we had on the PlayStation 4.

The change is immediately noticeable, as the PS5 features a cleaner, more elegant UI that is designed for 4K displays. It’s also rather minimalist, at least when compared to the many, many menus the PS4 throws up in an average gaming session.

But beyond the slick look and snappy movement, there are numerous exciting and, dare we say it, revolutionary features that will drive our gameplay experiences. In this video Kurt Indovina talks through nine of the biggest changes and the next-gen gaming features that have defined those changes.

You’ll get to see the new home screen, the impressive Control Center, the game-changing Activity Cards, how screenshots are captured, the new ways you can interact with friends, and more.