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PS5 UI Revealed | Save State

On today’s Save State, Persia talks about the PS5’s new UI, Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s next-gen release date, and a new season pass for Borderlands 3.

In this video, Persia talks about Sony’s reveal of the PS5 user interface. The new features showcased included the Creator button and its capabilities to had spoiler warnings to content you record, "Activities" cards that help you track your progress and access specific points in each level, and Official Game Help for PS+ subscribers. Official Game Help are spoiler-free videos that can help steer you in the right direction if you’re stuck on a level. Social and sharing options are also upgraded in terms of joining parties and games but also by being able to watch and share your screen with friends while you play.

Persia also talks about Destiny 2: Beyond Light getting an official next-gen release date for its upgraded version. On December 8th, you can play on Xbox Series X and PS5 at 4K but the Series S will still run at 1080p. All versions run at 60FPS, have a new FOV slider, better loading times, and support cross-gen multiplayer/ The Beyond Light expansion will be available on Game Pass and also backwards compatible for the current-gen versions.

Lastly, Persia talks about Borderlands 3 getting a new season pass. Season Pass 2 will include two more pieces of DLC called the Designer’s Cut and the Director’s Cut, plus new looks for the Vault Hunters. The Designer’s Cut will include a new skill tree for each Vault Hunter and a new standalone mode called Arms Race.

This is your Save State for Thursday, October 15th.

00:00 – Intro
00:17 – At Last, Here’s The PS5 UI
01:19 – Destiny 2 Next-Gen Upgrades Launch In December
02:00 – Borderlands 3 Is Getting Another Season Pass