Killer Clowns, Trekkies, And Other Weird Cyberpunk Gangs | Cyberpunk 2077 Lore

When you dive deep into the vast fiction of the Cyberpunk universe, you find some weird stuff. For example, there’s a gang of evil killer clowns and a group that cosplays as Star Trek characters. Wild! In this episode of GameSpot’s Cyberpunk Lore series, we’re delving into the weirder side of the fiction and talking about the strangest street gangs to ever roam Night City.

From a collective of street performers, to people that run around dressed like Jack the Ripper, there are all sorts of bizarre groups you can encounter in the original pen and paper RPG. Will any of these gangs show up in the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077? It seems unlikely, but we’re holding onto  hope that CD Projekt Red has a few surprises left in store for us. Plus, they’d be pretty fun to see in-game.

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0:00 – Intro
1:39 – The Bozos
2:24 – Philharmonic Vampyres
2:54 – The Julliard
3:27 – D.J.’s
3:51 – Piranhas & Bay Area Rapid Terror
4:24 – Posergangs
4:46 – The Elvises, Edisons, The Kennedys
5:19 – Willow Sisterhood, Jack the Rippers, Personalities
6:12 – Bradi Bunch, The Gilligans, KoneHedds
6:46 – The Trekkies
7:43 – Outro