Xbox Series X/S Compared To Every Launch Xbox

With a retail Xbox Series X and S in our hands, we stack an Xbox tower, and compare Microsoft’s newest console to every launch Xbox console.

The next generation is just around the corner, and we’ve had our hands on the new Xbox Series X and Series S for a while now. The new consoles from Microsoft are relatively understated, with black and white boxes that look simple and clean. But how do they compare to prior Xboxes? Time to do science!

We took the Xbox Series X and Series S and stacked them up against every prior Xbox, from the original Xbox all the way to the Xbox One X. In fact, thanks to the relatively squared edges in every generation of Xbox, we were also able to literally stack them against each other, making a gigantic Xbox sandwich. It’s a sight to behold, but we don’t recommend taking a bite. Check out the full console size comparison.