Phil Spencer Talks Xbox, Halo, Elden Ring, and More

At this point, you know how the story goes. The Xbox One had a tumultuous launch and presented itself as something other than what its fans wanted. However, fast-forward to today and, as a brand, Xbox is the healthiest it has been in many years. This it thanks to a realigning of strategies that places people that play video games at the center and, at the same time, moves Xbox in bold new directions.

Under the leadership of Phil Spencer, Xbox has pioneered Game Pass, a Netflix-like subscription service that offers a large library of games for a relatively low subscription fee. It has expanded this service to PC, and also launched a cloud gaming service in xCloud.
Furthermore, the platform holder took big step to improve accessibility, and made meaningful changes to the Xbox One experience to improve it for Xbox One X. This, altogether, has allowed Xbox to turn a stumble into a steady jog towards success
Ahead of the launch of the Xbox Series X and Series S, we spoke to Spencer about the identity of Xbox, the state of Halo, and the future of Xbox as he sees it.

01:08 – Identity of Xbox
03:05 – Charting The Future
04:48 – Killer Apps
07:21 – First-Party Timeline
09:39 – The State Of Halo
17:59 – Diversity Of Genres
20:34 – Japan And The Asian Market
28:27 – Elden Ring Update
29:33 – 1vs100
30:36 – No Gimmicks