9 Things Chaos Gate: Daemonhunters Doesn’t Tell You

Chaos Gate: Daemonhunters is a truly brutal game worthy of the grim darkness of Warhammer 40K. Even if you’re used to similar tactical combat classics like XCOM, you may be shocked just how much pain and suffering it can throw at you – so here are some powerful tips and stratagems to give you the upper hand when banishing the fell monsters of the Warp back whence they came.

00:00 – Intro
00:43 – Recommended Chaos Gate beginner difficulty
00: 51 – Standard Difficulty (vs Merciful vs Ruthless vs Legendary)
01:08 – Common early pitfalls
01:41 – ☆The Single Most Important Tip for Chaos Gate Demonhunters☆
02:05 – How to manage Action Points
02:33 – How to get a free "surprise round" in Daemonhunters
02:54 – Why you should avoid separating your units
03:21 – How to use Overwatch
03:43 – Best tactics for melee and ranged enemies
03:53 – How to deal with Bloomspawn
04:04 – How to avoid being overwhelmed
04:22 – When not to grind for bonus XP
04:47 – Focus on plague spreaders & carriers
05:16 – How to avoid combat in Seed Carrier missions
05:26 – How to build Tanks for Chaos Gate Daemonhunter classes
05:56 – Armor damage VS Injury recovery
06:23 – ☆What ship upgrades to get first (Baleful Edict upgrade list)☆
07:39 – Why to avoid Chaos Gate missions
08:35 – How to bank Requisition credits
09:11 – Never forget this general Chaos Gate Daemonhunters strategy
09:19 – In closing…

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