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Foamstars Video Review

Foamstars reviewed by Charlie Wacholz on PlayStation 5, also available on PlayStation 4.

"Foamstars is at odds with itself. Its unexpectedly engaging combat mechanics, fast-paced matches, and cool music draw me in, but trudging through its flat single-player content, concerningly aggressive monetization, and horrendously slow menus has numbered Foamstars’ days on my PS5 hard drive. I also feel like I’ve already seen everything it has to offer, and its announced update plan looks glacially slow for a sink-or-swim multiplayer landscape currently full of great options. Foamstars’ ranked modes and maps may be exciting and nuanced mid-match, but the confounding time-gated queues around them don’t offer much motivation to grind up the ladder, which leaves me with very little reason to surf these bubbly waves no matter how much fun it may be."