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The King of Android…? Galaxy S24 Ultra (Japan 4K Video Test)

So I used the new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra every day for 3 weeks for 4K 60FPS video vlog. This could be my favorite Android smartphone for 2024.
iPhone 15 Pro Max
ROG Phone 8 Pro
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00:00 Intro
00:08 Gloves
00:16 Package arrives
00:25 Electric knife
00:47 Unboxing Titanium Violet
02:43 Unboxing
03:20 Standing grip case
03:39 Clear gadget case
04:00 Unboxing Titanium Yellow
05:41 Power [ON]
06:12 4K video test [Finland]
08:01 4K video test [Japan]
17:16 vs iPhone 15 Pro Max (4K video)
18:39 S Pen
19:15 Gaming test
19:31 Genshin Impact
20:27 Call of Duty Mobile
21:05 Minecraft
21:50 Fortnite
22:49 War Thunder Mobile
23:17 PUBG Mobile
24:12 FIFA Mobile
24:51 Outro

#s24ultra #Japan #unboxing #therelaxingend