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FF7 Rebirth – How To Find and Use the Best Materia

While Final Fantasy VII Remake included a decent amount of Materia from the original game, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has drastically expanded upon the pool of Materia that you can find, meaning there is now a lot more room for experimentation and fine-tuning. We’ve found as many of these unique orbs as we can in order to tell you how to find and how to most effectively use the best Materia in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

00:00 – Intro
00:27 – Materia Fundamentals
01:10 – Fire and Ice/Lightning and Wind Materia
02:06 – Time Materia
03:15 – Green Materia Honourable Mentions (Revival & Poison Materia)
04:08 – How Blue Materia Works
04:35 – AP Up Materia
05:28 – Elemental Materia
06:55 – Magnify Materia
08:10 – How Yellow Materia Works
08:34 – Enemy Skill Materia
09:42 – Chakra & Pray Materia
10:00 – ATB Boost Materia
10:34 – How Purple Materia Works
10:44 – First Strike Materia
11:28 – Steadfast Block Materia
12:01 – Stat Up Materia (like HP Up, Magic Up)
12:38 – Auto-Unique Ability Materia

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