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Modders Got GTA 5 Running on Nintendo Switch – IGN Daily Fix

In today’s Daily Fix:
It finally happened: Grand Theft Auto 5 is on Switch. Well, not really, but it’s proof that it can be done. Modders took the game’s source code and got it running on the Nintendo Switch. It doesn’t run well, but maybe if Rockstar put some resources behind an official port, it probably maybe sort of can be done. In other news, an EA exec is  mad at Stellar Blade—not over the game itself, but that Stellar Blade is a pretty violent game, and somehow that passed the Japanese ratings board, but Dead Space didn’t. And finally, we’re partnering with Xbox for the next ID@Xbox Showcase, so tune in on Monday, April 29th at 10am Pacific for a look at some upcoming indie games you won’t want to miss.

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