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Destiny 2: How To Unlock All Prismatic Fragments

If you’ve been looking to Unlock All Prismatic Fragments on your Guardian in Destiny 2: The Final Shape we’ve got you covered. This guide will teach you How to Unlock all Fragments from the Campaign, the Secret Chests, and the open world that will Unlock Prismatic Fragments on your Guardians.

(00:00) Introduction
(00:25) Facet of Grace
(01:56) Facet of Mending
(03:45) Facet of Justice
(04:49) Facet of Command
(07:19) Facet of Defiance
(09:15) Facet of Bravery
(09:40) Facet of Devotion
(10:02) Facet of Sacrifice
(10:30) Light Drops Facet of Honor, Facet of Solitude, Darkness Drops: Facet of Generosity, Facet of Dominance, Facet of Awakening